Why You Should Book a Bridal Spa Package Before Your Chesapeake Bay Wedding

Make yourself feel good from the inside out with a relaxing spa experience before your big day

There is no denying that planning a wedding is stressful. Whether you’re full-on micromanaging every element of the celebration, or you’ve handed the event over to an expert, it’s likely you’re feeling the strain in some way. Therefore, it’s important to take a step back for a moment, and indulge in a little pampering. Booking a bridal spa package for the day before, or in the days leading up to your Chesapeake Bay wedding, can really make a difference to how you feel during your nuptials.

If you’re the type of bride who would never normally visit a spa, book a massage or even get your nails done professionally. Now’s the time to pamper yourself, and explore just how good a bridal spa package can make you feel, and look. Because this is your wedding day, and more than any other time in your life, all eyes will be on you. And the pictures taken of your celebrations will be looked back on for years to come. So don’t regret not letting a professional take care of your bridal look.

Today we’ll share a few treatments we believe you should indulge in pre-wedding. And suggest some wonderful salons in Chesapeake Bay you should book your bridal spa package with.

  • Why You Need to Book a Bridal Spa Package

    • Rejuvenate Your Skin

The stresses and strains of planning a wedding can play havoc on your skin, and when tying the knot, your face is going to get a lot of attention. Therefore, it pays to book a bridal spa package that includes a facial in the days leading up to your Chesapeake Bay wedding, and gift your skin the rejuvenation it deserves.

Spa at Harbour Inn have an incredible selection of facials to suit all clients. In particular, their ‘Hydration Facial’ would be the perfect choice for a bride-to-be. As so often when wedding planning, or in times of stress, we all forget to properly hydrate. This relaxing spa experience would also help to give you that ‘wedding day glow’, while also gifting a more youthful feel to your skin.

Put a professional facial at the top of your bridal spa package list, and you’ll be so pleased you did!

  • Prepare Your Body

When it comes to spa treatments, the face is typically where brides gravitate towards. As it receives the most attention on the big day. However, a body scrub is also a lovely experience, and one that can really leave you feeling refreshed. The mild exfoliation of a body scrub will leave you with skin that feels incredibly smooth to the touch.

A body scrub is an excellent pre-honeymoon spa treatment too. Preparing your skin for all of that poolside or beach relaxation. The team at Foremost Massage and Spa offer a deeply relaxing heated body scrub that will replenish your skin, and rid your body of stress and toxins.

Choosing a scrub as part of a bridal spa package, or pre-honeymoon preparation cannot fail to calm, and rejuvenate at a time when you really need it.

  • Soothe Your Aching Muscles

We cannot recommend booking a massage in before your wedding enough, and there are so many fantastic places in Chesapeake Bay to have one. One in particular we have to recommend is The Spa at Perry Cabin, a super relaxing space that offers luxurious massages and a therapeutic bridal spa package experience. All within a very chic environment. Their experts use the natural ebb and flow of the water all around us in the Bay Area as inspiration for their massage work. Creating an overall feeling of calm serenity with every massage given.

If you’re not overly superstitious, you could even indulge in a couple’s massage in the day’s leading up to your celebration. Ideal if you have both been working hard day and night to get this wedding over the line.

  • Look Picture-perfect

Even if you want a paired-back, unfussy bridal look, it pays to have an expert create it for you. Professionals in hair and makeup know exactly the kind of products, colors, and styles that’ll suit you best. And they’ll apply them in a way you could never recreate at home. Besides, on your big day you deserve to feel like you’re getting the VIP treatment, while creating a unique look that works for your photography.

Shapers Salon offers expert bridal styling services from their modern salon, boutique, or at any of the Chesapeake Bay wedding venues. Their caring and patient team are so adept at not just creating stunning look’s for you and your girls, but they also feel a part of the bridal party. Helping to quickly organize, and excite your crew in equal measure!

We hope we have inspired your bridal preparations, and maybe even prompted you to book a spa package before your Chesapeake Bay wedding. It would be an honor to help you further and provide that place for you to exchange your vows, and celebrate in! Kirkland Manor, is a private estate located between Easton and St Michaels and overlooks the iconic Miles River. An unrivaled location for a wedding day, offering beautiful views and acres of privacy.

Alongside Kirkland Manor, we have many more elegant spaces available for weddings on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay. And we have a wealth of catering options available from trusted vendors we have worked with for many years. Discover these, plus many more, via our preferred vendors page.

You are welcome to browse some images from recent real weddings we’ve hosted, and if you like what you see, feel free to get in touch via our contact page.