Make Your Wedding a Weekend

Turn your big day into a multi-day event with a wedding weekend at Tidewater Weddings

At Tidewater Weddings, we love a wedding weekend. Nothing makes us happier than being able to host a big group of friends and family for a three-day celebration. Because then we know our guests can really let loose, relax and party, knowing they don’t have to hit the road the next day. And instead they can just relax, grab some brunch and enjoy the view.

The wedding weekend is a huge trend for 2023, with so many couples looking to really go all out for their big day, and create more of an event. And after all the disruptions of the last two to three years, we think that is a fabulous idea! Whether your style is formal and sophisticated, or intimate and casual, spreading wedding events over a weekend is such a lovely way to celebrate with loved ones.

Why You Should Plan a Wedding Weekend

At Tidewater Weddings, we have a very special Wedding Weekend package that we call, ‘Make a Weekend out of it’. And today we’d like to share with you why we believe you should be choosing this style of extended celebration.

Create an Intimate Guest Experience

The wedding weekend is typically a three-day affair, with the bulk of guests staying close to each other, either in a large rental, or in one hotel. Of course, guests can choose or may need to stay in separate accommodation. Something which is easy for us at Kirkland Manor, as we have a wealth of other accommodation options nearby. But on the whole, the main participants of your wedding weekend will be staying with you.

What this creates is a real immersive experience for your guests, while the intimate nature of it allows them to truly relax. Knowing they are among only their closest friends and family. At Kirkland Manor, we can comfortably sleep up to 18 guests. Which is the ideal number for a small gathering, or wedding party.

More of a Relaxed Event

When planning a one-day wedding, it can feel like you’re stuffing countless things into an already full 24 hours. And often couples don’t get the chance to properly catch up with members of their extended wedding party, or have time to say more than a ‘thank you for coming’! Whereas on a wedding weekend, you’ll have all the time you need to chat and share stories.

Our Wedding Weekend’s at Tidewater Weddings start on a Friday morning, and end on Sunday night. Meaning you get a full three days to be with your nearest and dearest. No rushed conversations, just quality time with the ones you love.

Feel Free to Express Yourself

By having extra time around your wedding day, you allow yourself the opportunity to celebrate in exactly the way you like. Be that formally, or casually. As part of our Wedding Weekend package, we offer the choice of a sit-down, intimate rehearsal dinner. Or a ‘welcome to the shore’ party, which is ideal if you want the events around your big day to be a lot more chill.

Which is one of the wonderful things about the wedding weekend, you get to indulge in exactly what you want. Are you both really into craft beer? Organize a tasting! Do you love water sports? Grab some wetsuits, and have fun on the water with your friends before your wedding day! Whatever it is you and your partner love, take time to enjoy it, and share it with your loved ones.

Have we tempted you to extend your big day? And plan a Wedding Weekend! To give you a taste of what Tidewater Weddings offers, we have put a brief timeline below. Something which should give you an idea of what your experience with us will be like.

The Tidewater Weddings Wedding Weekend Package

Make a Weekend out of it’

Arrive in the morning
Rehearsal at 4
Formal, intimate rehearsal dinner or ‘welcome to the shore’ party
Welcome party to everyone staying in hotels

Hair and makeup in the morning
Wedding Ceremony & Reception

Brunch on Sunday after guests checkout of their hotels
Checkout of Kirkland Manor is anytime before 10pm


It would be an honor to host your wedding weekend at Kirkland Manor, our private estate located between Easton and St. Michael’s, overlooking the iconic Miles River. An unrivaled location for a wedding day, offering beautiful views and acres of privacy.

Alongside Kirkland Manor, we have many more elegant spaces available for weddings on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay. And we have a wealth of catering options available from trusted vendors we’ve worked with for many years. Discover these, plus many more, via our preferred vendors page.

You are welcome to browse some images from recent real weddings we’ve hosted, and if you like what you see, feel free to get in touch via our contact page.